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A is for Author

Letter A

Almost every writer, from the time the first crayon and construction paper book is taped together with The End on the last page, dreams of being an author. You can still see the picture in your head of what you look like as an author. What does it really mean to be an author?

Writer’s Spotlight: Laurie Childree

Claret was busy making strawberry and cream frappacino. Red pulled a tray of flaky croissants from the oven. She whipped some honey into the butter and set out into the M3 Coffee Shoppe in search of Laurie Childree. She knew she would be around today and wanted to sit down with her to talk about […]

Do not say, “Buy my book!”

Over the past few weeks, I have been inundated with questions and visited a few blogs whose posts asked the questions. Authors want to know what to do to sell their books. No, I am not going to sell you anything. Instead, I am going to tell you for free.