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Winners, One and All

I have been prodded by one of the winners to get with announcing who won the book giveaway for Mantra for a Muse.

Surprise Winners!

Two of this week’s winners had no idea he was entered! Who do you think won the copies of Mac Kinnon’s Breaux: An American Icon?

Surprise Winners

In a new twist to the book giveaway contests on M3, the winners this week got no notice from me their prizes were being delivered to their inboxes. Two M3 Readers won copies of Ben Woodard’s The Boy who Flew with Eagles. 

Winner & Free Books

Last week’s giveaway was for an autographed copy of Red Tash’s Troll or Derby. This winner is…

Writers Spotlight: Emma McClain

Red was finishing up the closing ritual at the M3 Coffee Shoppe when she noticed a lady out on the patio with her feet pulled up in the chair and a journal on her knees. She recognized the poet’s pose and wandered out to see what Emma McClain was writing in her version of Mantra’s […]