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Dear CrackBerry


Not BlackBerry… CrackBerry.

Friday Follies from the Cell

Far be it from me to hold Follies merely to the SIB. No, even my CrackBerry is not immune to Follies. Episode 51 of the Friday Follies comes to you from Guatemala.


AMBER alerts save lives. When a child is missing, the more people looking, the faster the child is found. If your child was missing, how many people would you want looking? If it did not cost you anything, would you sign up?

Tips for Keeping Your Child Unplugged

Unplugging your child requires your intervention and the child’s cooperation. Here are some tips for both parents and children to stay “unplugged” in the high-tech age: Fewer Temptations Remove the temptation entirely. I am not advocating tossing out the television, but children should not be plugged into the iPod, Blackberry, television, game console or PC […]