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You Can So

The only constant is change.

Have you ever listened to an account and the first thought you have is I cannot get there from here?

Dear CrackBerry


Not BlackBerry… CrackBerry.

Dear Mr. Stood-Me-Up

Little Red Riding Hood

While you may think it is a fun position, this is not what you may have come to expect from me. You have been warned.

Saturday Evening Post

Brain Picking

On this last Saturday of 2014, Clyde has to question what keeps our skulls convex. This year is ending on a cold note, so grab a blanket and a cuppa. Your rocker is ready for snuggling, and the fire is stoked. Let’s talk.

Three Day Post

What was the question?

If you have the dubious pleasure of being my friend on Facebook, you know I often ask questions whose answers form the (basis, proof, antithesis) of a post on The M3 Blog.