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Eat Shrimp Cheap

butter and eggs

When someone mentions shrimp or quiche, the instant reaction is to think expensive. When you think about ordering them as an appetizer, your wallet could go into shock. How about 36 mini shrimp quiches for under $8? It is completely doable.

More Green in the Kitchen

One of the quickest ways to save money is to cook at home. Before we embark on a complete series of cooking and saving, let’s look at a few pieces of equipment and some tricks which will keep the money in your wallet.

Do Not Buy That

It is the time of year when gasoline prices go up, compliments of travel. Funny how we say that, even though they never go back down. Oh, wait, that is another post. Are you looking for a few ways to cut your budget? If you can stand to keep a few bills in your wallet, […]

Peanut Butter Better

Nearly everyone has a jar of peanut butter. Off the top of your head can you name ten recipes which are better with peanut butter? No? Well, how about five? Hmm. Three? I give up. How about I give you ten? Be ready to print at the end, or grab your recipe cards so you […]

Still Saucy…and Cheap

Back by popular demand, after You can be saucy…for cheap. and More Cheap Sauces, let’s get out the recipe cards (or press the print button) for a half dozen sauces which spice up the dish without breaking the bank. One is even a secret recipe.