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Dear Shoes

Shoe Closet

I will never admit to owning more than 100 pair. That’s my story.

Stuff a Backpack

Do you remember back-to-school shopping when you were a child? The lists, the trying on clothes, the quest for the perfect backpack. Or did you go to school when all we needed was a tablet, slate and a pencil? Either way, we never went to school empty-handed. Let’s MAD about school supplies.

Clothes Minded

We are actually going to go back into the closet to MAD this Thursday. There is a great need. You are part of the solution. Want to bet there is something you do not know about clothing and shoes? It is time to Make A Difference. Can you kill three birds with one stone?

Read it to me, again…

Look at your shelves. How many books are there? Have you read them all? One’s cover is hardly hanging onto the spine. That one, you cannot read the spine because it is broken in so many places. This one’s so dogeared, it will not lie flat. What of these over here? Some, so pristine, while […]