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Writer’s Spotlight: Conny Manero

Red was perched on a couch enjoying a cappuccino and a good book, when Mickey jumped up and interjected himself between her and the pages. Conny Manero was not far behind. Red invited the M3 Coffee House founding author to have a seat and discuss her novel Voice of an Angel and terrific balancing skills. Mickey curled […]

Writer’s Spotlight: Stuart Haddon

Red was busy with a spilled latte when she heard the unmistakable accent of a Scotsman at a table in the corner. Yes, he was arguing with his tablet, but she wanted to see who the newest member of the M3 Coffee Shoppe was. Stuart Haddon stowed the wayward tablet and got wound up in […]

Writer’s Spotlight: Jeffrey Michael Tebelak

Red decided to corner M3 Coffee Shoppe newbie Jeffrey Tebelak about his book Just One More. He was candid about how he approaches his writing and tipped his hand about the M3 blog. Jeffery Michael Tebelak M3: M3 Readers want to know, so give them the agent’s press release version of Jeffrey Michael Tebelak. JMT: Jeffrey Michael Tebelak is a husband, […]