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Who are you?

Take this week’s poll. Read the question carefully. How do you describe yourself most often?“ This week, you only get to choose one: Your best answer. Did you pick your answer? Good. Let’s examine your choice. Really? Did you take the poll? Do it now. You will understand in just a few minutes why I […]

What is your name again?

More employees are asking this question to the “under new management” crowd. Climate Control The middle-management revolving door will keep the office cool on the thermostat, but searing with pressure. Job Security = Not folding under the pressure Who’s on first? When your bosses disappear into the magical cave of down-sizing or the abyss of […]

Not Enough Credit for the Job?

We checked your credit, and we are withdrawing our offer of the job. Most people find the idea of a potential employer checking their credit to determine job eligibility morally repugnant. Let’s take a walk in the employer’s shoes to understand and how your credit score is important to more than just your financiers. Initial Investment An […]