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We are going to MAD about waste. Pure and simple…we are going to look at a shameful amount of waste we have every power to control. Controlling it affects gasoline prices, the environment and clutter. Can you Make A Difference?

Tree of Life

Everyone is tired of being stuffy in the house all winter. The weather is beginning to warm, and spring is everywhere. This Thursday we are going to outside to Make A Difference. Want to get a little dirty and MAD?

Clothes Minded

We are actually going to go back into the closet to MAD this Thursday. There is a great need. You are part of the solution. Want to bet there is something you do not know about clothing and shoes? It is time to Make A Difference. Can you kill three birds with one stone?

Honk If You Love Traffic

Make a Difference

The world would be a deathly silent place if we did that, would it not? No one, let’s repeat, no one loves traffic. The heat, the noise, the pollution, all added to the waste: time, fuel, sanity. Can you MAD about traffic? No, no. Not road rage. Make A Difference… MAD.

The Green Mailbox

When considering ways to make a difference and help the environment, have you ever once considered your mailbox as an asset or weapon? Really? Let’s put it to the test in this week’s MAD post.