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Miss Manners, My Left Foot

Now, I realize the shopping season for next year has only just begun, but I absolutely have to put this out there for all of you who are on the way to the mall (or equally disturbing shopping place) where your favorite shoe store is.

Thanks! I, um, love it?

Follow The Steps So here is the step-by-step on re-gifting: 1. Receive the unwanted gift with grace and thanks. 2. Always re-gift to the giver. If this person is not a trained re-gifter, explain. So much thought went into choosing the gift, it would be unfair for the gift to be wasted by you. 3. […]

No Gossip

Nearly every office has one person endlessly hanging on someone else’s cubicle partition rattling off (or entirely fabricating) her version of today’s office drama. Working with a gossip is annoying, but very easy to circumvent with this two-step strategy. Step One “Do not feed the bears.”  Never tell the gossip anything not contained in the office memo […]