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Because You Never Know

What do you secretly think of the friend who starts every social media morning with “Good morning, fuckers!”?

Memes & Covers


Over the course of the next few weeks, The M3 Blog will be offering some Facebook covers and assorted memes. These are free to download and use on your all social media.

Does the “e” invalidate?

Inhabitants of the blogosphere, social media and virtual reality form friendships with people across the globe. The barriers to friendship which exist in person are often overlooked because they never come up in conversation or ignored altogether as irrelevant. Janet took the time to look at, and give you a look into, her e-friendships. It […]

Oh, Facebook!

This needs no further introduction, but may well draw comments of flame and support in equal measure. If you find this close to your heart, this is an official beg for five stars and posting to Facebook…or any other social media.

Will You Poke Me?

This week’s Friday Follies from my inboxes brought a smile to my face, the occasional tear to my eye and an irrepressible desire to call the police.