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Prompt: My Great-Great-Great-Grandchildren

4 generations of family

Mes Cheris, there are a few things I feel compelled to say.

Day 17: Peacock Feathers

FTP3: Wave of Emotion

If pride goeth before a fall, I should stay prone for my own safety. You are not innocent. No, really. And I have pictures to prove it.

Day 11: Inlaws & Outlaws


If I told you about my family, we would be here all day. Truly.

Saturday Evening Post

This has to be the feature I missed the most during April. We have a lot to cover before we get to Clyde, so grab your cuppa and snuggle in because the fans are blowing away the humidity and the mosquitoes. Here’s hoping it does not rain for a while, as we are going for […]

N is for Nest

For those of you who were following comments, you know I am on the road today returning home from my daughter’s wedding. Today, is the first full day of her honeymoon. She is moving to the next portion of her life. Time for her to begin a new nest.