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Fish Climbing Trees

Fish climb a tree

With nursery rhymes, folk tales, legends, fables and other various and sundry modes of instructional communication, we learn as children fish are adept at swimming. Tree-climbing? Not so much.

Flash in the Pan

“Aubrey, what am I going to do? The police said I would probably never see the money again. Do you have a pen? I have to fill out this report.”


Mantra is tired of romance and blog hops and Follies and everything else being on the wrong day, so she has hijacked today. You have been warned.

Nurdles: It’s what’s for breakfast.

Plastic is now an ingredient in your dinner. It is made of toxic chemicals which do not biodegrade even when they are broken into single molecules. Why would you put it in food?

Where to go?

You are cozy on the other side of your computer screen, but hungry. Sushi is a great idea, but where to go? Stop. Do not touch the keyboard, unless you are pulling up a map. Not on the Internet Finding a reputable sushi restaurant is not something you can do on the Internet. Reviews of […]