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Stepping back to a time of animosity, hurt or discord is truly not how you want to remember the last days you have. How many times have you prayed for acceptance of the things you cannot change? Until this moment, you had it. Do not let it go.”

Leaving on Platform 12…

You recognized it was wrong. You stopped doing it. You made a plan to do something far better, or at least a plan to avoid it in the future. You are waiting on…what, exactly? This is the kind of test where not showing your work gets points taken off your score.

All buts are cracked.

In the search for identity, self-forgiveness plays a pivotal role in reforming perspective, rendering and processing judgment and settling into tenets based on experience. There is a point, however, where self-forgiveness becomes a method to engage in bad behavior.

What Quaint Doesn’t Know…

…just might not do anything. While yesterday we looked at the twisted practice of qualifying the good with the bad to preclude and temper judgment, today we look at the equally common, but more recognizable, qualifying the bad. Hello. My name is Mud. I am self-deprecating. Anyone who knows anyone who has ever been to […]

Tit For Tat


In the world of repentance and forgiveness, both parties have to be willing to meet somewhere in the middle, even if you cannot hit the bull’s eye with a Peterbilt.