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Do you know your place?

No Political Correctness Sign

WARNING While neither political nor religious in nature, this posting makes no attempt at political correctness. The faint of heart may wish to take their medication; the arrogant and easily offended, well, I’ll see you in the comments.

Saturday Evening Post


For the first time in weeks, I was not up for the sunrise either because I was already or still up. The sun presented itself this morning during my slumber. A lot has happened this week. Clyde is chomping at the bit. Grab your cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Let’s talk.

Strength & Weakness: Nature

Our discussions of the strengths and weaknesses of men and women led to the question of how much of what we perceive as strength and weakness is a product of societal norms and what was genetically inherent to the sexes. We are all human. When polled, the audience (and my research subjects and the doctors […]

Strength & Weakness: His vs. Hers

The top three categories to measure strength and weakness were the same for men and women. The fourth was entirely different, but the last one was similar. Society defines strength in men and women very differently despite giving the same name to each category.