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Guest Post: When I started…

When I reached out for guests posts this time, I had a theme in mind. (Quelle surprise, non?)

Housework for the Idle Bloke


The old concept of a woman’s place is in the home has long gone for the modern day female and this study gives a short outline of how to get the narrow-minded male into the knack of doing household chores without tearing your hair out in the process.

Guest Poem: Gray Dawster

One of the M3 Readers who stepped up when I made the last call for guest posters was Gray Dawster of Poetically Refined. Some of you will recognize him from the Flash in the Pan this quarter. Let’s open his offering.

Guest Post: Lorre Lyons

Lorre Lyons Author

Lorre is the star of Articles of Absurdity and the chief paparazzi for A Dose of Justice. If you have missed either of her blogs, you are missing a terrific part of the blogosphere. So, when I asked the reigning queen of snark (See, you thought I was it.) if she wanted to drive M3 […]

The Reality of the Working Poor

The roots of the M3 Blog are set in a foundation of saving money. The information on the early pages of this blog are still visited daily by those seeking to put something, anything, in the kitty. For many of them, it is not the rainy day for which they are saving. They need the […]