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Where to go?

You are cozy on the other side of your computer screen, but hungry. Sushi is a great idea, but where to go? Stop. Do not touch the keyboard, unless you are pulling up a map. Not on the Internet Finding a reputable sushi restaurant is not something you can do on the Internet. Reviews of […]

Danger! I think…

The healthy benefits of sushi are far outweighed by the risks. Ironically, there is more risk in the vegetables than in the seafood. (If you encounter difficulty with the terms in italics, try this first.) Protect me! Your best is a reputable restaurant which is health regulation compliant. Its fish will be delivered fresh daily and […]

It’s Not All Raw

When you mention sushi, 60% of your friends will grimace and make some snide comment about eating bait. The other 40% probably know the definitions of two or three dozen Japanese words. You got it. The bluish, greenish, blackish, papery strip which holds the roll together is seaweed. And it is good for you. It […]