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Heads or Tails: Boundaries

crime scene do not cross

The basis of identity is a definition. Identity is how we define ourselves by our beliefs and actions based on those beliefs. We draw boundaries we refuse to cross, effectively marking our territory. What happens when someone else makes those boundaries?

Saturday Evening Post

BlackBerry Storm 2

We escaped the torrential rains, but they are coming. You can smell them on the breeze. The flowers are ready. Clyde is itching like he had a fresh case of fleas. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. It has been an interesting week. Let’s talk.

Answering the Inbox

The M3 inbox is known for being the stupidest inbox in the blogosphere. While it holds that title every Friday Follies, there are quite a large number of very intelligent emails which arrive everyday. One such email sparked the following.

Muse for Monday

Very rarely are things as they first appear. This is not true because of deception, but it is true because of self-deception. It is not a knowing practice. We do it without ever knowing what we are seeing is not truth. How do we clear the vision?

W is for Wisdom

Before you conjure pictures of owls, stacks of ancient tomes and philosophers in togas, know we are going to look at a lesser known version of wisdom. Discovery is always fun. Did you have any idea being able to discover is wisdom? Yes, we are going to tie all the alphabetic posts together. Neatly.