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Y is for Yeasty

Yeast·y  /ˈyēstē/ 2. Characterized by or producing upheaval or agitation; in a state of turbulence, typically a creative or productive one.

Ode to Hateful Vocabulary

Around M3, you will test the boundaries of your vocabulary. Most words are placed in context so you may determine their definition merely by reading the ones which surround them in association with the title or the theme for the section. On other occasions, the words with not-so-obvious meanings have been highlighted with a link to […]

Anyone got a light?

Over the last two weeks, I have gotten a few awards, which I have been sitting upon whilst I was on vacation (and because I did the awards thing between Christmas and New Year’s). Plus, I am so behind in my reading (I would blame vacation, but blame is such an ugly word.) which helps me […]