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Writer’s Spotlight: Liz Campbell

Red came out of the kitchen with a huge tray. The blueberry scones were in the shape of a butterfly. She set it down to shave white chocolate into a white-white mocha whip. Claret knew from the flock of butterflies on the patio who was coming today. The to-do list said: Butterflies, babies, fast food. […]

Writer’s Spotlight: Second Glance

The Fires of Waterland

Claret was certain Red had the order wrong when she poured a dark-n-double. Who orders regular coffee besides Red? She was cutting pats of butter into maple leaves. Add that to cranberry muffins and the only candidate is Raymond Alexander Kukkee. Red was surely going to ask about changes, parenting a character and beta reads.

Writer’s Spotlight: Janet Russell

Fractal Dreams Cover

Claret stopped by and set a stripped quadro-iced toffee nut venti breve down by the Mardi Gras tree on Janet Russell‘s table. Red was crumbling the cinnacrystals on the top of a chocolate loaf. Claret was not sure why she was repeating the same pattern, but figured it had something to do with the whispers […]

Gone Walkabout

What was the question?

Want to see a side of Red you have never seen?

Writer’s Spotlight: Gail Thornton

Gail Thornton Caricature

Red pulled a tray of shortbread cookies out of the oven just in time to hear the bell on the door toll for Gail Thornton. Claret was whipping cream to top off the dark mocha because Red wanted to talk to Gail about making a folder full of poems into a book and getting into […]