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Apples and Hand Grenades

hand five fingers

If you have looked into the lantern at least three times (possiby less), you know the music from Mantra is varied and has the capacity to be melodious or cacophonous with as much likelihood as it being in a meter which is scarcely to be discerned.

Clyde on Grammar

Grammar Nazi

His skepticism is due in large part by the systematic assassination of the languages humans use to communicate. Social media, blogging and text messaging have been hung with the largest portion of the blame for horrific grammar. Clyde thinks the blame is misplaced.

Clear Air

word cloud triangle

One would believe with an over-developed grasp of the language, I would be a good communicator. Apparently not.


pierced ear

“I said for you listen some more on me.” Perfectly understandable. No? Ever considered Listener heard exactly those words? For ages we have held ourselves above the animals because of our advanced communication system. Balderdash.

L is for Language

WikiCommons Coal Car

Ever opened a book and been convinced it was written in another language? Let’s not do that.