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Apples and Hand Grenades

hand five fingers

If you have looked into the lantern at least three times (possiby less), you know the music from Mantra is varied and has the capacity to be melodious or cacophonous with as much likelihood as it being in a meter which is scarcely to be discerned.

No, Pank You… A Top Ten

For the upteen-hundredth time, I have been asked to be a teacher. At some point, nearly everyone who sees me more than twice realizes every time I engage with the public, someone learns something. Years of experience and exposure means I have a lot to share with anyone who is willing to listen.

Q is for Questions

M3 is covered in questions. As many as five are at the end of each post. Some posts are almost all questions. One of the M3 logos is captioned…What’s with all the questions? Let’s discuss, and ask a few, questions.