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What or how?

“It is not what you say; it is how you say it.” ~ Russell Dwyer “Horse pucky.” ~ Sherman Potter

Shoot to Kill

Red Dwyer

An idle mind often leads to an overactive mouth. “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” ― Socrates

P is for Pseudologia Fantasica

Pseudologia fantasica sounds kind of sexy. Guess again. This behavior confounds those who do not have it. In most cases, pseudologia fantasica costs sufferers friends, jobs and even family relationships. Do you know anyone with pseudologia fantastica?

The Crash of Reality

…or The Birthday Present. Did you read Buzzzzz? Those of you who know me in real life, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Google+ and a choice few other websites insistent on displaying birth dates knew before the post went live today is my birthday. Those of you who clicked on the link at the end […]