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Doncha just hate the sound of a needle across a record? If you are too young to know what that means, go to the Muse for Monday. Otherwise, time for an update!

Surprise Winners!

Two of this week’s winners had no idea he was entered! Who do you think won the copies of Mac Kinnon’s Breaux: An American Icon?

Back to M3 Roots

What was the question?

One of the staples which fell by the wayside after the A to Z Challenge were series. Instead, we settled into a rhythm of features. It is time to come home.

Saturday Evening Post

Exciting. Frenzied. Thrilling. These are the palpable words to describe this week. Being associated with such dynamic people makes this nothing like a job. Grab a cuppa. Snuggle in. The moon is rising earlier than expected. Let’s talk.

Techno Failure

Many thanks to the talented folks at WordPress who supply the software which powers the blog on M3. Really. Those are sincere thanks. Today is one of those days you are (undoubtedly) glad there is no soundtrack to M3.