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Through the Wire

Life often sends a shock through the wire to shake us from our reverie. The burning sensation is sometimes warm and tingling. The birth of child to someone in our lives. A wedding. The delicate bloom of a day flower. Other shocks burn through the wire: lightning, blinding fast and searing hot. Life has delivered […]

Not Without You

It is time to MAD. If you never thought you could make a difference, never thought you could change the world, never thought you could be a hero…you were not looking in the right place. It is right here and right now.

Growing Up Optional

You know it is true. Let’s MAD.


How many of you are convinced there is no end in sight to the stress and deadlines and traffic and all the other things strewn on the railroad tracks? Time to MAD about stress.


We are going to MAD about waste. Pure and simple…we are going to look at a shameful amount of waste we have every power to control. Controlling it affects gasoline prices, the environment and clutter. Can you Make A Difference?