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Muse for Monday

There seems to be an imp who has been missing from The M3 Blog of late. She comes with a bit of fire in her wings tonight.

Muse for Monday

Dead Brain Cells

Someone would like to light fire to the Internet. Is there a firefighter in the house? Ugh. Really? Perhaps, we can get one on call?

Writer’s Darklight

Red came through the door and was surprised to see two figures, but it was just Gail Thornton and Claret in the Coffee Shoppe. Claret poured rich espresso for the two of us and set out some chocolate crullers. Red pulled up a chair and took a sip. I couldn’t wait to ask her all […]

Saturday Evening Post

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What an exciting, emotional and busy week! Clyde has a thing or two to say. This sun has shined all day. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Let’s talk.

Flying Buses and Rugs

Red Road Trip Bus

C’mon! The crossing guard cannot stand there holding up that stop sign all day.