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Fuck the Dumb Shit

RWB Fireworks

You are welcome to not come see this post, unless you are prepared for some drama-stopping reality. No, expletives will not be deleted. Let’s get up close and personal. Fix a big cuppa with a shot of whatever is strongest.

Dead Horses

broken heart

Recently, I have found myself in the center of relationship situations with some of my closest friends, relatives and a host of Quaints. To be honest, I am among their ranks as well.


One of the most popular posts on The M3 Blog is a post where I had no energy to write at all. (Number three on the Most Loved list in the right sidebar.) Today, I have a similar feeling.

WBH: Ticket for One

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In the three years since I became a widow, I have traveled almost as much as I had in the previous fifteen combined. My odometer has whined about the nearly 250,000 miles.

Day 5: Dear John

meme crayons and puppets

As forthright as I am, there are only a few things I would like to say to an ex which were not delivered in a dissertation, soliloquy or a classic rant. Still, there are a few I would like to repeat, were there ears attached and functioning.