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Dear Mantra

The fairy muse does not read so well, especially since she is not proofing to be sure I got what she wants said correct.

Muse for Monday

Mantra's Notebook

On the first day of my vacation, Manta went out to dinner with us. We go out about once per week. When we do, I bring Mantra’s notebook and a pencil. Except this time.

Muse for Monday

Mantra is quite a unique Muse. She is one of the only ones I have ever encountered who has a tendency to go walkabout.

Muse for Monday

Buffalo Nickel

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we are not going to have some sappy love poem. In fact, we are going very far away from love altogether in this post. And to be even more forthright, this poem features tonight strictly at the win of a toss of the coin.