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Simply No

High Heel Shoes

Verbosity notwithstanding, this should be brief, since we have already examined the powerful little word “no“.

Pause in the Programming

There seems to be a miscommunication I cannot rightly put under my thumb. It started with the post When.


Anyone can eat an elephant

I have never really know when to say “when”. Routinely, I overestimate my capacity to endure, withstand and under what conditions I am willing to survive. (This post does not translate well. If you would like it in another language, please email.)



Arguably, no is the most powerful two-letter word in the English language. (If you can think of a better one, I am all ears.) Although, on the surface, no is a negative word, we are going to delve in the positive side of no. No, I do not know. Despite redneck movies to the contrary, not knowing something […]