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The Tenth Day of…

If you are past the point of having toddlers, raise your hand. Anyone have children (or grandchildren) under 5? Who has teenagers? Great! This one is all for you!


What we don't know

Are you just ecstatic when someone tells you, “If you had just…”? *eye roll*

Nay, Neigh, Nay


When you hear the hoof beats of a nightmare in your sleep, the heart palpitations match the rhythm.

Day 16: What if?


Since this is not something I say with any kind of regularity, perhaps the photographs will say it for me.

Saturday Evening Post


Good grief! What a week! The A to Z kickoff. Picking up the pieces of a database. Setting into motion. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Clyde is curious. The sun is out and warm. Let’s talk.