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Waiting Room

Hospital waiting rooms are the absolute worst. The chairs are dreadfully uncomfortable. The vending machine food inedible. The droning of the television cannot drown out the silence from the nurse’s station. What are you supposed to do?

Catch me. Shoot me. Remember.

No one wants their picture made when they do not like the look of their bodies. There is one time when you absolutely must sit (not necessarily physically sit) for pictures because the time is truly short to catch the shot you want.

How Many?

Delivering a child is a financial nightmare for many women. With the average cost of prenatal care and delivery just over $7,800 (for run-of-the-mill, no complications, no frills, no multiples, no circumcision), often money plays a role in choosing to get pregnant. Raising children is not for the financial weak, either. Estimates vary for the […]

Coping With The Stranger In Our Midst

Adding a new baby to the family affects a child in many different ways. Some react with jealousy, some become the helper role, still others want to be the town crier. You need a way to help them cope. So how do you know what to say?” Understanding what your child understands about the business of babies is […]

We Are Having Puppies.

One of the questions I dreaded the most when I was pregnant, especially with the last three, was “What are you having?” Being of ornery nature, my answer was always an upbeat, bright: Puppies, if I am lucky!” The last trimester is plagued with little or no sleep. Obstetricians advise: If you speak and/or sing […]