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Despite what may seem appropriate given the title, this post is not about writer’s block. Or many of the blocks which benefit or plague the author. Instead, we will be discussing mental blocks.

Prompt: My Shrink’s Opinion


Sitting across the desk from my shrink, with her nodding head and eraser in her mouth, I realize how cool mental telepathy would be. I would know what she is thinking.

Saturday Evening Post: Not My Way

I am all for naked cats.” ~ Red Dwyer

Schrödinger’s Cat

6 relationship rules

The world of (un)social media is filled with cats. This post is filled with not cats. More appropriately, it is filled with stopping being Schrödinger’s cat. To the science and math phobes in the audience, this is not a post about quantum theory and superposition, exactly.


I have come to realize I do not exist. To support this conclusion just look at the facts.