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Saturday Evening Post

Tolerance meme

This has been a week of igmos, squeaky wheels, decent customer service and proof of viral social media campaigns. If all of that makes you tired already, grab a cuppa, snuggle into a rocker and I will turn on the fans. Let’s talk. (If you are easily offended by profanity, skip Clyde.)

My Answer

Last night’s post about our own identities was cause for some brilliant introspection and some truly intelligent conversation. I deferred until this morning to answer the question myself.

Who are you?

Take this week’s poll. Read the question carefully. How do you describe yourself most often?“ This week, you only get to choose one: Your best answer. Did you pick your answer? Good. Let’s examine your choice. Really? Did you take the poll? Do it now. You will understand in just a few minutes why I […]