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Leaves and Pages and Elephants

Anyone can eat an elephant

New Year’s resolutions. Social media is full of them. How about a different sort of challenge?

STFU Resolution

Buckle Up Seat Belt

Buckle up, Buttercup.

Wrap 2012. Unwrap 2013.

Extra Large Coffee Cup

This Saturday Evening Post is a bit different. The rain has stopped, and a soft breeze is blowing up the mountain. So much has happened this week. Grab a cuppa and snuggle in. Let’s talk.

I’ll have Death with that, on the side.

Can you name an industry which went from $6 billion to more than $120 billion in less than 40 years? How about one whose primary advertising target is children who will grow up to be parents whose children will also be consumers?

Getting with the New Program

M3 did some amazing things in its microbial existence in 2011. In two months (and two days), it garnered over 12,500 hits and more than 3,200 comments. Not bad for a toddler blog. So, what? Time for some changes. Since I trust you all to have, at least at one point or another, found something […]