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Guest Post: To Review… Or Not

This is another question from the guest post hat. Janet (of BuddhaKat fractaliciousness) found one which grabbed her fancy.

R is for Reviews

letter r

You are shopping for a book online. You see the little picture of what it would look like if you could see it. You see the description (which is often not the jackback) the author thought you should know about the book. Still, you are not sure. Where do you turn? The reviews.

Flying Buses and Rugs

Red Road Trip Bus

C’mon! The crossing guard cannot stand there holding up that stop sign all day.

Blushing in the Writer’s Spotlight

Darkness Introduced Cover

Red knew something was up. She found celery stalks soaking in the fridge which had been cut into cat-o-nine-tails. The recipe card for pretzels was on the counter, and the double boiler was gently melting chocolate. She pulled a tray out of the oven and laughed because they were shaped like handcuffs.

Writer’s Spotlight: Second Glance

The Fires of Waterland

Claret was certain Red had the order wrong when she poured a dark-n-double. Who orders regular coffee besides Red? She was cutting pats of butter into maple leaves. Add that to cranberry muffins and the only candidate is Raymond Alexander Kukkee. Red was surely going to ask about changes, parenting a character and beta reads.