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I am not a statue.


When we begin to identify ourselves, one of the first things we notice is how much we have changed. It is proof we are alive, mutable, malleable, mobile and growing. Are there still parts which are made of stone? How do you mold the ones which do not change without shattering the statue of identity?

Start With What You Know

Before you can discover things about yourself, you have to rule out the things you already know. Simple, right? To be honest, maybe not. Some of the things you never thought would change, have. Others you knew would change, have not. Which is which? Where does the road really fork?

Read it to me, again…

Look at your shelves. How many books are there? Have you read them all? One’s cover is hardly hanging onto the spine. That one, you cannot read the spine because it is broken in so many places. This one’s so dogeared, it will not lie flat. What of these over here? Some, so pristine, while […]

In Keeping With The Theme

In a typically M moment, I employ all of M3’s resources to push home a particular thought or theme. The one exception is the sheerly creative pieces. In flipping through my notes while I worked on the finishing touches to the posts for tomorrow (one of which was actually to take this spot), I had scrawled […]

Detour And Back

Based on the growth of our audience, we are not going to begin the next series with this post. There is far too much information to process based on the Talk Tuesday conversation. As always, you have provided some amazing material for me to research and digest into palatable pieces. We shall not, however, have […]