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Prompt: Character Sketch of Me

Pink Cannondale mountain bike

All of the pertinent details of my newest character in a supporting role for a book: me.

Dear Shoes

Shoe Closet

I will never admit to owning more than 100 pair. That’s my story.

All Fake

In case you missed it, M3 awarded 29 blogs one of the following four awards: Versatile Blogger, Liebster, Candle Lighter, Sunshine. Blogs ranged from inspirational to hilarious to eclectic. Each one of them touches your host, but touched someone else completely differently …or not at all.

Miss Manners, My Left Foot

Now, I realize the shopping season for next year has only just begun, but I absolutely have to put this out there for all of you who are on the way to the mall (or equally disturbing shopping place) where your favorite shoe store is.