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What do you know?

Has anyone ever told you, It is not what you know but who you know? Up for a challenge?


Cap and Gown

Our society has a load of events in which we engage in group behavior which psychologically changes us in subtle ways. Some we scoff as celebrations of mediocrity because of their ubiquity, but many are milestones which have longstanding benefits. One is graduation.

Letter to Santa

Night Blooming Cereus

Good evening, Nicky. I heard the deer were in good form this year because Mrs. Claus has mastered the high-energy recipe for carrot soufflé I emailed her in the spring. My requests for this year should prove to be a load lightener, for which we will all be grateful.

Three Day Post

What was the question?

If you have the dubious pleasure of being my friend on Facebook, you know I often ask questions whose answers form the (basis, proof, antithesis) of a post on The M3 Blog.

The Ninth Day of…

Mantra's Book of Shadows

Ever want to rant, but not come across as a raving wacko? This is right up your alley.