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Saturday Evening Post

spoon on nose

Week, schmeek. Clyde is foaming at the mouth. Want to keep the news to a minimum? Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. We will be done before the espresso is cool.

I might as well.

allen head screw

In a week where Laurie’s guest post was the only thing considered uplifting, I might as well see if I can run off all the rest of The M3 Readers by going on a brief, illustrated rant about the third circle of hell in particular, but a systemic problem in the United States. While the […]

Russian Roulette: An Introduction

I have engaged in many conversations about the nuances, implications, responsibilities, entertainment, novelty, marketability and work of blogging. There are some days you just have to ask the person attempting to engage you in a battle of wits: What keeps your skull from caving in?