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Quarters and Change

Today’s take on MAD is a bit different than the one we normally travel. In this case, we are discussing the people who make a difference in the blogosphere. Despite mundane arguments to the contrary, the virtual world is one which truly does MAD in the flesh and blood world, every single day.

S is for Sunshine

This week’s Saturday Evening Post is about daylight, sunshine to be exact. Sunshine is a wonderful concept. It is good for the flora, good for the body and good for the soul. As it turns out, sunshine is good for blogging and for friendship. How? Let me show you a couple reasons why the latter […]

Flowers in the Sun

Jolly Roger

Having been behind all month, it is time to start the month on a great and grateful note. Tonight, we are going to look at some flowers growing in my front yard. Want to take the dime tour?

Gold Stars

After so very stinking much talk about divorce, I thought it was high time I passed around some more positive thoughts besides merely what not to do. This post is very much geared toward what TO do. Let’s put some gold stars out, shall we?