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We Have a Winner!

This week’s book giveaway was for an autographed copy of T3 (Check out the whys and wherefores if you missed it.) And your winner is…

Wordless Wednesday (prepost)

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Writers Spotlight: Ann Marie Dwyer

At the M3 Coffee Shoppe, Red finished up in the kitchen and headed down the hall to the office to check comments when she caught her reflection in the mirror at the end of the hall. So, maybe answering some questions for the M3 Readers about T3 and the upcoming books was not a totally […]

Saturday Evening Post

The adventures this week were fun, tiring in a way which does not make one wants to rip the hair from one’s head and enlightening. Big news is the most understated way to describe the announcement. Clyde is loaded for bear. Grab your cuppa and snuggle in. Let’s talk.