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Muse for Monday

School is back in session, and they are everywhere. You see them in the early morning waiting for buses and walking home in the afternoon. The only way to be clear of them is to go out during school hours.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Is there some viable reason why Americans refuse to talk to their children about sex? Before you jump up and answer, the key word in the sentence is in italics. Click it if you do not know what it means, definition 3. Statistically Speaking Young people aged 13–24 made up about 17% of all those […]

Home is Where the Mouth Is

Mayday Hospital

The inbox mine produced a question which falls in line with the ever-growing Communication Series: Should interpersonal communication be taught in high schools and required to graduate?” (Scratches noggin. Really?) Should interpersonal communication become the politically correct term for being politically correct, rather than the demonstrative meaning of “interpersonal”, the cause is already lost. (Suck […]