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Not Without You

It is time to MAD. If you never thought you could make a difference, never thought you could change the world, never thought you could be a hero…you were not looking in the right place. It is right here and right now.

Who is Driving This Flying Circus?

If you have toddlers, you are certain (keep telling yourself) teenagerdom cannot be worse than the Terrible Twos. If you have teenagers, you have no doubt why some species eat their young. Quite frankly, only one question comes to mind: Who is driving this flying circus?

Philanthropy Is Not Just For Old Rich People

Today’s youth are the adults of the future. Instilling philanthropic values in children, teens and young adults is vital to solve community and global issues. Philanthropy is defined by Merriam Webster as the active effort to promote human welfare. Youth have an abundance of energy which, when harnessed, makes even the most difficult tasks seem […]

Tips for Keeping Your Child Unplugged

Unplugging your child requires your intervention and the child’s cooperation. Here are some tips for both parents and children to stay “unplugged” in the high-tech age: Fewer Temptations Remove the temptation entirely. I am not advocating tossing out the television, but children should not be plugged into the iPod, Blackberry, television, game console or PC […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

Is there some viable reason why Americans refuse to talk to their children about sex? Before you jump up and answer, the key word in the sentence is in italics. Click it if you do not know what it means, definition 3. Statistically Speaking Young people aged 13–24 made up about 17% of all those […]