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No One Is Watching

It is time for Talk Tuesday. If you have been playing along, we have been talking about time suction. You know about all of those things which we plan an hour to do, but four hours later we are either not finished or want to do for another four hours. Not you? Want to place […]

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I Do Not Have To

Crystal Hourglass

Once we recognize what is a time suck, we can take proactive steps to stopping the sand from slipping through the hourglass unchecked. If you referred back to your list, you found some items there which were sucking your schedule dry of reward time. If you were not here for the beginning of the MAD […]


Time is a measured resource we all know to have a finite amount, even if we do not know how much of it is our own. We mete it out in minutes, hours, days and so forth to accomplish those things we deem important and necessary. Occasionally, we let it slip away.

Saturday Evening Post

Reflecting on time has been at the forefront of the decisions being made regarding M3 all week this week. Mantra even sounded off her views on time, although she was more questioning than being forthcoming. Is time really just a perception issue?

Mantra Mumbles

Thursday was any other day filled with appointments and deadlines. Why is it when I have entirely too much to do, Mantra decides to sing and block out the sounds of the mundane things (like ambulance sirens)? After this one was on paper, the irritation ebbed.