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Ten Things I Love About You

This Valentine’s Day, I decided to take a page from Kim’s playbook and write about ten things I love about Bear. Be forewarned, I edited so much out of this the cuttings could be a full Red post. Get to know my Valentine.

Romeo or Don Juan?

You have been asked this before: Who are you? Before you run off at the head telling me your pedigree, there is a specific you I want to know. What is your romantic identity? Hmm. Think about it.

Saturday Evening Post- Rain Delay

Titanium Wedding Rings

  Yes, I know it is Monday morning. Based on my schedule this weekend, I was not in a position to sit down on Saturday evening and pen my letter to the audience about the real life events which inspire much of what you read on M3. If you can forgive my tardiness, I will […]