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Cap and Gown

Our society has a load of events in which we engage in group behavior which psychologically changes us in subtle ways. Some we scoff as celebrations of mediocrity because of their ubiquity, but many are milestones which have longstanding benefits. One is graduation.

A Better Generation

Bar graph

Did you notice there was a new poll? It went up along side some of the romantic nonsense this week which coincided with Hallmark Day. Before I get any guff, I left the Other spot open for all of those whose answer was not in the top ten. Want to see what you want to […]

Strength & Weakness: Hers

In cruising through my daily blogs, I discovered what I consider either very enlightening or very disturbing. This three day foray into the male and the female of the species will focus on what we view as strengths and weaknesses and a comparison of the two. Today, the female. Strong Women What is the first […]