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Versatile Versatility

Versatile Blogger Award

Guess who has been slacking… again. I have some long overdue awards to share from the lovely Deb of Adams Art and Andy from Dragoney Story. Good thing these do not have an expiration date. Want to know how I know?

Catching Up

With all the talk of time and managing schedules, M3 had to take the advice to heart and catch up with some of the bloggers who make the blogosphere a wonderful place to work. Today, we are going to shine the light on two such bloggers and then open the door on quite a few […]


Noah Webster

After all this time, you should know Merriam Webster is on my Christmas card list. I decided to look up the definition (Yes, I do that.), and found what I suspected I would find…so much more than the connotation we use on an everyday basis. The metamorphosis of the lexicon.

The 15th Day of Christmas

So, I was doing what I always do, when it was time to check the comments and emails. And what to my wondering eyes did appear?