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Veteran’s Day Respect

Military discipline and appreciation for history bored my peers yet intrigued me. If I had had to learn the sanitized version from a book, perhaps it would have bored me as well. As luck would have it, I learned the good, the bad and the ugly from ones who experienced it firsthand.

Muse for Monday

There seems to be an imp who has been missing from The M3 Blog of late. She comes with a bit of fire in her wings tonight.

Muse for Monday

My history is littered with poetry pertaining to war. By far, some of the most realistic and poignant pieces I have ever written were about war. In fact, my writing career began over a poem never expected to be about war. Many which followed it were a complete surprise…not unlike this one.


Thank you for stopping by tonight. Over the last couple days we have been discussing the paradigm shift when it comes to war. Make no mistake, this is not solely an American issue, although some of the responses have tailored portions of tonight’s discussion as American. Background The pertinent posts (which will all open in […]

Heading somewhere…

Forgive my tardiness, but a body needs to sleep. And then, adjust to the new time zone, rain, new flipping coffee pot with an attitude, breakfast… Then, process the information provided. Then, reread comments posted on other posts. Then, compare them. Then, scratch head. John McDevitt asked me: What were you scratching about?” If you […]