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WBH: Ticket for One

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In the three years since I became a widow, I have traveled almost as much as I had in the previous fifteen combined. My odometer has whined about the nearly 250,000 miles.

It is the little things.

Puppy love

It has been a long week of questions and answers. One question keeps popping up. What advice do you have?

Fractal Tree of Life

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Almost every culture has a parable comparing life to a tree. We all start with the roots of family, wild and ranging, channeled into a trunk, parents. As we age, we meet others, branch off from the basis of our family and blossom into a one of a kind work of art.

Tarnished Silence

For many, silence is golden. Overall, silence is to be revered when the world is off its rocker, the children are clamoring for something they absolutely do not need and the telephone battery refuses to die… despite 47 calls in the last three hours. Then, there are the times when silence is tarnished.

Widowed Blog Hop

Nana's Cowboy

M3 has not been known for one of the factors which is on my pedigree: Widowhood. This is not to say widowhood does not affect much of what is written here. Settle in for a stop on a blog hop you may just need to read to believe.