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Writers Spotlight: Lisa Neumann

Morning rush at the M3 Coffee Shoppe was beginning to die back, when Red saw a familiar group stroll in the door. Lisa Neumann had a stack of books on the table to share with them all. Red wanted to grab her to see what was brewing between the worst of and best of Lisa.

Write, write, write…

You have endured the poll not changing for more than three weeks. Your patience has been duly noted. Sincerely, I hope this new direction will be a stimulating departure from the distraction. The answers were far different than may have expected.

Writers Spotlight: Joel Andre

Knowing 0830 at the M3 Coffee Shoppe has sun rays stabbing the entire floor, Red was curious as to the dark spot in the center of the café. When she rounded the end of the bar and saw Joel Andre making a not-so-small group of patrons laugh. With a knowing grin, she let the crowd […]

Writers Spotlight: J.W. Bouchard

For some reason, the scary soundtrack was stuck on repeat in the M3 Coffee Shoppe. Red pulled out a large batch of baklava and went to see what was happening in the third booth. J.W. Bouchard was signing books for the early evening zombie crowd…You know, the ones who need a caffeine jolt before supper.

Writers Spotlight: Tim Tash

It was the end of a long day at the M3 Coffee Shoppe when Tim Tash ducked in for a quick go cuppa.  He was talking on his cell trying to convince Red (Tash) he would be home shortly, but Red (M3) was not letting him get away so easily. She wanted some scoop on […]